Essential Oils

Using what mother nature created, and as people have done so for thousands of years – essential oils are a natural support for health and well-being, allowing individuals and families to manage symptoms and conditions with natural solutions.

The powerful immune and healing systems of plants condensed down into an essential oil can soothe aching muscles, relieve head and neck tension, support emotional well-being, aid in restorative sleep and so much more. There are even options for essential oils support during pregnancy, birth and post-birth care.

Quality, sourcing and sustainability of essential oils is so very important which is why I only use doTERRA.

How do you get doTERRA essential oils in your life?

First you need an oils educator like me, to help you along your way.

My role is to guide, support and empower you to get the very best from your oils.

I can help you obtain wholesale prices, provide you on going support and give you access to the most helpful closed oils support groups.

Follow these easy steps to get started, or please reach out for more information.




1. Go to

2. In the menu at the top, click ‘Join and Save’
3. Choose your ‘Language’ and ‘Shipping Country’
4. On the next page, choose ‘Local’
5. Choose ‘Wholesale Customer’
6. On the next page, complete your contact and shipping information
7. The ‘Sponsor ID’ should read 5565313
8. Select your wholesale starter kit or create your custom order
9. Select ‘$40 Introductory Packet’ (this is your membership, ignore if you have selected a starter kit)
10. Enter your payment information and click ‘Process Order Now’ and ‘Continue’.
11. That’s it – you’re done. Welcome to doTERRA!