Overcoming Infertility...


After years of multiple IVF treatments followed by disappointments I began to look outside of the information offered by conventional medicine for reasons for our infertility.

FREE 20 Minute Health Assessment

I can offer you a FREE 20 minute health assessment to see if working with me is right for you.

This includes FREE;

  • access to the most extensive nutritional analysis online program available
  • interim assessment of your online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
  • symptom burden graph outlining your Foundational Health status
  • 20 minute phone consultation to explore the findings

To accept this offer, please fill out the form, hit ‘submit’ and your FREE Nutri-Q account will be activated within 24 hours so you can complete your online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ).  *Please check spam if haven’t received the email.

Meet Laura

Thank you so much for taking the first step to gain control of your own health and happiness.

It’s truly a big deal. The first step in your health journey to feel amazing!  I’ve been here too.

I’m a wife and a mother of four, I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and essential oils educator.

Prior to studying Nutritional Therapy, my husband and I had sought numerous fertility treatments in the hopes of having a baby together.

Nutritional Therapy

Ready to lead a healthy and happy life?


Improve your fertility and pregnancy health with my specialised programs.


I can offer advice for using the best quality supplements.

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I became a client of Laura’s and am so glad I did as I wake up feeling much more energised, my sleep has improved (previously I struggled to wake and felt like a zombie) and even my nails are much stronger.  In the past I had perused the chemist shop wondering what I could take to make me feel better and settling on something that sounded good but never really got on top of my problems. It was like a band-aid!!Initially she had me complete a thorough health questionnaire. This was followed up with testing of my body to enable her to get the full picture, to see what was not working properly or lacking I my body.  Following this she was able to recommend supplements & nutrients to correct the deficiencies.  The oils are an additional support for day to day needs and ridding our home of all the nasties that have been put into products over the years. Laura knows her stuff is passionate about helping people with their health
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Thank you Laura for all of your encouragement in helping me to look at my eating habits. It has been an amazing lifestyle change, since being in ICU in February to now completely having changed my diet, making healthy nutrionial choices. A couple of the biggest changes on my symptom graph, within only a couple of months, were the reduction in sugar cravings and my kidney and bladder function. (A bonus on the side has been losing 10 kilos without even trying). We are still currently working on sorting a couple of minor health issues now and I value your suggestions and patience. I am truely grateful for your advice, encouragement and professionalism and wish you all the best in your venture as a qualified nutritionist.
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When I first decided that I wanted to take a more natural approach to my condition (IBD) I was very lost and had no clue where to start. I got in contact with Laura and she has been extremely helpful in identifying trigger foods through the use of the app Nutri-Q. I was also struggling on keeping a rigid schedule but Laura provided me with a regiment to stick to and results have been awesome! I am currently on no pills and my stools are formed, that's miles from what it was during a flare up.